Privacy Statement
Privacy Statement
At we endeavor to comply with anti-spam regulations in Australia and the UK. We most certainly do not send spam (ie unsolicited bulk e-mail), so if you think you have received junk purporting to come from our domain, this is probably the result of some trickery by a cad passing himself off as us. Alternatively this may be because a friend has submitted your details unbeknownst to you in order that you share in the joys of urinalology.

Collection of personal information, the Royal Society of Urinalologists, the authors, publishers and publicists of 'A Guide to the Urinal' retain e-mail information that is submitted to us by our esteemed visitors. This data is not shared with third parties except to facilitate the provision of information which relates directly to urinalology or the book 'A Guide to the Urinal'.

Rest assured that we do not collect information via cookies or the placement of files on your computer. Our hosting company does however track the domain and approximate geographic location of visits to this site. Although tempting, we do not attempt to identify users from this data.

Identification of the holder of this data
The registered address of will be provided by an automatic return e-mail to anyone decent enough to subscribe to our e-mail lists.

Type of information collected
We only collect the information you provide to us via e-mail or form submission. Typically this includes your e-mail address and (if you provide it) your name.

When we write to you and what we send
We plan to write to subscribers with information regarding publication dates and occasional further information relating to the book 'A Guide to the Urinal' as well as related events, activities, games and further publications. At this stage we do not intend launching a regular (eg weekly or monthly) mailing, and will write to announce this (offering the ability to unsubscribe) if we do so. Although we will not sell data to third parties to run separate mailings, we reserve the right to include advertising within such e-mails.

Unsubscribing offers the ability for Sir or Madam to unsubscribe from future mailings at any point. Quite frankly, we’d be very surprised (and more than a little disappointed) if anyone wished to unsubscribe, but you can do so by writing to us on with the subject line 'UNSUBSCRIBE'. Please note, we permanently remove unsubscribers, which means that if you see the error of your ways you may rejoin our mailing list by submitting your details again at a future point.

Our website
We make every effort to ensure that our website is virus-free and will not damage or adversely effect the performance of your computational equipment. However, due to the behaviour of reprobate misanthropes who wish to bring society to a standstill through the wiling dissemination of digital baddies, this cannot be guaranteed.

Other sites
The website includes links to third-party sites. We offer no guarantees regarding the content, decency, virus status, or privacy policies concerning such sites. If you feel that any aspect of any external website to which we link fails meet appropriate standards of gentlemanliness, please do let us know at

Accessing your information
if you wish to identify any information you hold on us, or to clarify whether you are present on our database, please correspond with us at stating the purpose of your e-mail. We will respond with a further information request in order to certify that you are who you say you are.

Legal Obligations
Unfortunately, no one is above the law, and under certain conditions we may be required to make information held in our systems available to government or legal authorities.

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privacy statement

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