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Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen! is the home of urinalology on the web. Peruse this site to find out more about urinalology and to submit information about urinals you may have encountered. This website is also the best place to find out about the book, “A Guide to the Urinal”, which will be published soon. So check back here for information or sign up to receive a reminder when it is published.

Urinalology – the study and appreciation of urinals – has been around for centuries, and formalised in 1891 with the inception of the Royal Society of Urinalologists.

Apart from buying the book and joining the society, we’d be delighted if you could assist the cause by undertaking valuable research from around the world about the urinals closest to you.

The forthcoming book, “A Guide to the Urinal”, is the result of over five years meticulous research, and draws on the extensive archives of the Royal Society of Urinalologists. It is also contains, for the first time in print, the Urinal Classification and Assessment System (UCAS).

It is an informative and fun look at the world of urinalology, and a perfect place for a novice to start his or her apprenticeship. Edited, pre-release highlights are available here.

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